Monday, January 14, 2008

Voice Actors Needed!

We are currently looking for voice actors. Below are a list of characters. This list will be added to and will be changed, so check back for new positions available. PLEASE NOTE that this project could very well go into 2009 in terms of production. Keep in mind that if you agree to do a voice, you are expected to keep doing that voice, no matter how long this project lasts. That being said, I'll get onto the characters.

- Captain Mason - The captain of the USS Orion. I want an older guy for this.
- Commander Charles Braxton - The XO (Executive Officer, aka First Officer). Not much is known about this guy...
- Lieutenant Parker - Lieutenant assigned to conn. For those who don't understand that, he pilots the Orion. Again, I want an older guy for this.
- Lieutenant Suvok - Vulcan in charge of Engineering. Needs to be an older guy, and someone who is good at talking calmly no matter what the circumstances.
- Lieutenant Commander Jessica Hansen - The woman in charge of Operations on the bridge. I want a 'younger' woman for this.
- Ensign James Doolie - The man in charge of Tactical. Has a short temper. Been in the brig several times since assigned to his first starship. As a result, never been promoted.

- Captain Mason - "Red Alert! Charge phasers and raise shields." - Background of Line: The captain has just found out about a threat to the ship and is reacting to it.
- Commander Charles Braxton - "Yes, sir, we are ready. I've prepared the crew for departure." - Background of Line: Beginning of the voyage. Not much excitement going on.
- Lieutenant Parker - "At present speeds, we'll reach Vulcan in 23 minutes." - Background of Line: Again, not that much going on. Pretty normal.
- Lieutenant Suvok - "Logically, we should check the plasma conduits first." - Background of Line: He's a Vulcan. 'Nuff said.
- Lieutenant Commander Jessica Hansen - "Life Support has failed on Decks 3 through 7!" - Background of Line: It's a battle.
- Ensign James Doolie - "Aft torpedo tubes are offline!" - Background of Line: It's a battle.

So, that's it. If you are interested, please email me with your recorded lines at Characters are bound to be added and changed, as the script is still in production. With your help, I'm sure this project will do well. Thanks.


Dave said...

I've got a Capt. Mason audition for you... where do I e-mail it?

Dave Courvoisier

LegosJedi said...

Sorry, forgot to add that. Email me at After I post this, I'm adding it to the main post.

LegosJedi said...

Oh, and how'd you come across this site, just out of curiosity.

Luke said...

hi im emailing you my audition right now. thank you for your time and I hope you like.